Course Introduction

    1. Course Overview, Introduction to Access and Databases

    2. Creating a New Database in Access

    3. The Ribbon

    4. The 5 Object Types

    1. Navigating Tables

    2. Creating A New Table

    3. Data Types

    4. Adding Data to Tables

    5. Primary Keys

    6. Field Properties

    7. Table Design

    8. How to Query Your Table

    1. Intro to Queries and Basic Criteria

    2. And & Or

    3. Null

    4. Strings & Wildcards

    5. Sorting

    6. Group By & Aggregate Functions

    7. User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

    8. Conditional Statements: The IIf Function

    9. Querying Queries

    1. Arithmetic Operators

    2. Rounding

    3. Modulus Operator

    4. Boolean Values

    5. Alternative to Or: The In Function

    6. Dates

    1. How to Refer to Strings Vs. Other Types of Values

    2. Concatenation Operator

    3. Len & Trim

    4. Character Index

    5. Left & Right

    6. Mid

    7. InStr

    1. Type 1 Joins

    2. Type 2 & 3 Joins

    3. Dot Notation

    4. Querying Values In One Table But Not In Another

    5. Querying >2 Tables With Multiple Joins

    6. Self Joins

    7. Nz

    8. User Input


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About Mr. Database

Mr. Database got his start in the financial services industry, using SQL and Access to automate operations, analyze data, and standardize trading algorithms. Struck by the overwhelming demand to learn these skills both from fellow financial professionals and students in his graduate business program, he was inspired to create this course to make these skills accessible (and enjoyable!) for the average person.

Mr. Database holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Cornell University. (But he roots for Texas Tech when it comes to sports.)